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Friday, 17 November 2017


by: MisS VictoriA DaviD

There are instant pasta sauce that are easy to prepare, if wanted. They are usually available in supermarkets, in canned or bottled containers.

Most children will like spaghetti if the sauce is tasty and sweet.

This sauce is mixed with vegetables that add sweetness to the usual ingredients, which will please children's' taste buds. It also goes further!

  • 1½ cup of minced meat (Beef is best)*
  • 1 medium-sized onions, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, crashed and chopped
  • a pinch of mixed herbs and 1 teaspoonful of dried basil
  • 1 large-sized carrot (Organic is the best), grated
  • 1 canned of chopped tomato
  • 1 beef stock cube
  • salt, pepper and vegetable stock granules to taste
  • 2 tsps. of cornflour, diluted in ½ cup of water
  • 1 tsp. Horseradish sauce
  • 1/3 tsp. of mustard powder
  • a good squeezed of Tomato Purée or Paste

Cooking Procedure:
  1. Fry the minced meat on a moderate flame for 3 minutes or until golden brown. Stirring occasionally.
  2. When the meat is cooked, place it into a bowl and set aside.
  3. Fry the onion on a moderate flame for 2-3 minutes or until it is is translucent in colour. Place it on top of the meat. Just set aside the two of them.
  4. Fry the garlic on a moderate flame for a few moments. Add the fried onion, cooked meat and sprinkle some mixed herbs and basil. Stir and mix all well.
  5. Add the grated vegetables (carrot and parsnip) and the canned chopped tomato. Stir and cover for 2 minutes.
  6. Sprinkle the curry powder, salt, pepper and vegetable stock granules in the mixture.
  7. Add the horseradish sauce and mustard powder to the cornflour mixture. Stir well and add to the sauce into the pan. Stir and mix all of the ingredients well. Cover for 1 minute.
  8. Add the tomato purée. Mix well again.
  9. Cover and simmer it for a minimum of 10 minutes, to bring out the flavours.

Enjoy the sweet taste of the sauce with your cooked pasta!
*Try minced lamb for a tasty change

Friday, 10 November 2017


We were dressed-up and ready to hit the glossy town in our chosen guises...

Last Friday night, I ameliorated my attire with plain accessories to correspond with the simplicity of my beauty. On the other hand, my sister embraced the demeanour of a glamorous lady with her floor-length turtle neck appliqué gown in striking red. Exquisitely, she finished her aura by pulling back her silky locks and styled in wavy curls. I have to admit that this sensible hairstyle gave more eminence on the heart shape feature of her forehead. 

I was short-fused upon seeing her and didn't hesitate in arresting Miss Dayanara Mesmeize onto the grounds for outcasting my beauty (LOL)! 

Our chauffeur dropped us as at Eden Bar where we were welcomed by the resolutely magnificent Lip Gloss' organisers... 
From Left to Right
Miss Tiffany Jones
 Miss Dayanara Mesmeize 
Miss Cassandra Mae Madrigal

The heavy downpour of rain just stopped and petered out to fine drops. What a reviving touch and refreshing sensation given freely by Mother Nature and this was only interrupted when the pre-arranged taxi showed up. Then, we were driven to a Victoria inspired corner building at 116 Sherlock Street, Birmingham. It was a 2-storey refurbished establishment and on entering there was a relaxingly straightforward floor plan. For instance, the small-scale dance floor on the left side had a DJ booth; the inviting couch corner for the legs of binge drinkers; the slightly conspicuous beer joint bar in the middle because of the sheathed pillar; the fantastic outdoor area with airy garden connecting to the vaporous (smoking) site and an indoor game pool zone which was next to the lavatories. Wait a minute, there was an appended double door push bar, too! It was the egress leading to the marquee's domain with an elegant decorated ceiling in metallic silver and established with a cocktail lounge bar on the left, a sturdy elevated stage in the middle, a DJ booth on the right and comforted tables & chairs all set out. 

The farewell night unfolded... 

We were greeted inside the marquee by the enthusiastic organisers, Miss Tiffany Jones and Miss Cassandra Mae Madrigal, who also welcomed us with a glass of champagne. Both of the organisers were naturally regal in their post Halloween fashion ensembles. Apart from them, some of the guests were wearing daring attire and alluring costumes which were keenly appreciated by the scarce eagled eye admirers.

The venue was ameliorated with reserved tables & chairs for the distinguished guests and a classroom seating arrangement for the invited family & admirers. Geographically speaking, a few of the out-of-towners were from different parts of the United Kingdom who travelled for one purpose. Predominantly, we were there to drink a toast on the ultimate night and after 5 years of triumphs and failures of Lip Gloss. It's a closing celebration and we all highly acknowledged the unceasing determination of the organisers and were strongly reminded of its succinct objectives as a fabulous transgender event. 

The core of its objectives as a transgender event in Birmingham is to promote equality, diversity and cohere the transgender community as a family. One of the essentials is to provide a friendly and lively environment at Eden Bar which will encourage crossdressers and transgender to wholly embrace their true identities and selves. A rendezvous brimming with warmth hospitality and cordial people with the same interests and are also in support for combatting society's twisted dogma and discrimination towards the transgender community. Benevolently speaking, this non-judgemental event has a commitment in offering rational communication for partners and relatives to better understand their crossdressers and transgender loved ones. Moreover, this one night event has a desideratum to preserve the transgender community in Midlands and then soundly unites its name all throughout the United Kingdom. 

The celebration progressed with entertaining laudable performances and an occupying aphrodisiac... 

The disco tail lights were on and fixated their brightness onto the stage. In a spur we were overpowered by the quip presence of a Live Cabaret Artiste, Miss Penny. She was dazzling in her thigh-length glossy body hugging dress covered in green sequins. To boot, she surfaced with an intimidating look because of the well-contoured facial cosmetics and the volume 60's sexy bomb hairstyle. Her banter and sarcasm amusedly tickled the audience as well as delighted us with her vocal performance. 
(Live cabaret artiste, Miss Penny)

Miss Penny didn't just devour the stage all alone; she also shared the spotlight with 3 cheerful guests during the the Hula Hoop game. 

After the frolicsome and wiggly performance, we were then invited to enjoy the tasty complimentary canapés. There was a good humoured queue and the prepared light finger food choices were appetising. Our tummies were filled and our energy levels were sustained which kept us all on the qui vive for the rest of the show. 

The venue's fluorescent lights faded and turned dim, thereupon the Drag Idol UK 2016 Finalist and Live Vocalist, Brenda LaBeau, emerged on stage. Her silvery high-pitched voice spiced us with her rendition of “Show a little more, Show a little less...” soundtrack of the Goddess of Pop, Cher, entitled “Welcome To Burlesque”. 
(The Drag Idol UK 2016 Finalist and Live Vocalist, Brenda LaBeau)

After the stunning vocal cords of Brenda LaBeau, she also cheered us with some practical jokes. We were cracked-up and our frisky reaction intensified the venue's mild atmosphere. On top of that, the much anticipated entrance of the male stripper, Icon, who showed up from the crowd made the scene more stimulating. He was in his controlled funky style clothes and one by one, he uncovered and exposed his nakedness. To be more specific, he gained the boldness of his manliness when he took onto the stage 2 of the guests who erotically engaged with during his turtle's pace jiggle and stir. 

With that occupying aphrodisiac concluded, the riveting main hostess for 3 years, Miss Penny, and the stunning Brenda LaBeau called onto stage the company of the unceasing organisers. Sadly, one of the three pillars in the creation of Lip Gloss named Miss Tiffany Jones left the event early because of their planned vacation for the next day. That is why the remaining two, Miss Cassandra Mae Madrigal and Miss Dayanara Mesmeize, accepted wholeheartedly the commendable words given by the hostesses and the audience also gave a great expression of approval. What a standing ovation to which they, the organisers, also distinctively awarded the handcrafted sash for this year's Miss Lip Gloss: Queen of the Night. 
From Left to Right
Miss Penny
Miss Cassandra Mae Madrigal
 Miss Dayanara Mesmeize 
Brenda LaBeau

(Miss Cassandra Mae Madrigal and Miss Dayanara Mesmeize)

The magnificent organisers, Miss Cassandra Mae Madrigal, Miss Dayanara Mesmeize and Miss Tiffany Jones, created the fabulous Lip Gloss to celebrate the community's revelation of strong-minded crossdressers and palpable transgender. For 5 years of pursuing, they have turned this bedrock event at Eden Bar into a safe haven for sexually questioning and evolving individuals who fear society's prejudice towards the LGBTQI+ community. We, the family & supporters, should all not forget their clear objectives and more importantly the organisers who showed perseverance without anticipating a single debt of gratitude. Forthrightly, we must stop factions that divide us and also, to put an end to various unhealthy competitions amongst us. In lieu, we must support one another to hold up the flexible and solid foundation of our characters and self-esteem.

If there is a beginning, there is an end. Per contra, farewell doesn't staggeringly portend the edge to a complete stop as it can also be considered as a milestone for a new beginning!

Monday, 6 November 2017


A commercial airliner from Berlin, Germany landed and stood still at Kennedy airport, New York. The air traffic controller who was communicating with the perplexed pilots heard some unexplainable turmoil and rattling noises from the passengers on board. He could tell over the push-to-talk controller that everyone was in extreme fear as no one knew what was happening and also, some passengers have turned stationary (according to the pilots). Subsequently, the air traffic communication ended and the commercial airliner landed in silence.

The employees at the Kennedy airport were bewildered and witnesses were shocked with fear. But one thing is for sure, it was the beginning of The Master's resurrection after thousands of quiescence.

Different beacons from authorities flashed unceasingly which almost lit the gloomy atmosphere around the airport. It became more threatening when people in white overall uniforms and a team of scientists from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) arrived in such urgency. They demanded the quarantine of the vicinity before allowing the front passengers' door of the plane to be forcibly opened. The authorities felt the coldness of the interior and were shocked by the static appearance of passengers and the crew. They thought everyone was dead until 4 flustered passengers reached out for help.

Authorities were staggered with the scene and according to Epidemiologist, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and his team, a vile plague had infected the passengers. It was an epidemical disease which was unheard-of and unidentified in the field of science. The unknown plague and its symptoms were obscurely mysterious but if you have been infected, it developed gradually inside the human's anatomy. It is the parasitic symbiosis in which the endoparasite lives within the host's body. 
Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll)

The survivors were medically examined but only to discover nothing... 

A few days after the commotion at the airport, the unrestrained survivors felt eerie changes in their taste buds and the sunlight's reflection became unbearable through their eyes. To be more specific, their usual food appetite was replaced with the cravings for blood and their congenital eyes, especially the iris & sclera, were pigmented in red. Above all that, they could hear the domineering and diabolical voice of The Master. 

The essential core of humanity in the survivors was devoured and replaced with a new breed of immortal vampires called Strigoi. They were once human beings who unfortunately infected by a capillary worm that was introduced into their human bloodstream. This capillary worm hosted the genes of a human and created a virus causing a human to undergo numerous radical physical changes. 
When night falls, the infected (soon to be Strigoi) humans loitered around the streets of New York looking for the nutritious blood supply. They surprised the unacquainted locals and sucked the blood out of them using their long, retractable proboscis called “stinger”. Generally speaking, people who were very uninformed of the vile plague news and the new breed of vampires at night were killed and then turned. 

No one had immunity from detrimental effects... 

Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) was very aware of the disease and strongly warned his estranged wife Kelly Goodweather (Natalie Brown) to move out of New York and protect their only son, Zach (Ben Hyland/Max Charles). Unfortunately, when Kelly decided to move out a worm went through her eye when she was struggling in a fight with her newly infected boyfriend, Matt. Apart from her, Dr. Eph also lost his colleague friend, Jim Ken (Sean Astin), when he became infected during the surprise attacked by the Strigoi at a petrol/convenience store. Moreover, in the succeeding episodes a love affair co-worker of Dr. Eph named Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) electrocuted herself by placing a blade onto the train rail after her wrist was bitten by Kelly Goodweather, now a Strigoi. 
Kelly Goodweather (Natalie Brown)
Zach (From Left to Right: Max Charles and Ben Hyland)
Jim Ken (Sean Astin)
Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro)

There were tragic executions of the infected people who were unwilling to participate under The Master's control. On the other hand, there was a developing comradeship who fervently wanted to seek and destroy The Master. Amongst the group were, the holocaust survivor who sculptured The Master's coffin, Professor Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley); the mettlesome rat-exterminator, Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand); the sexually confused British hacker who shut down the internet, Dutch Velders (Ruta Gedmintas) and the head of the CDC Canary team who had a protracted nervous breakdown and booze issue, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll). 
Professor Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley)
Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand)
Dutch Velders (Ruta Gedmintas)

All throughout the 3 series, this vehement group penetrated the abyss underground (the nesting site) of New York and exterminated Strigoi with the used of silver weapons and fine silver chemical mist. They also captured a few hive mind infected vampires that Dr. Eph experimented on in order to find evasive cures and discover weaknesses. Additionally, they encountered many times the right hand Strigoi of The Master named Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel) who had an elbow-grease business relationship with Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde). Mr. Palmer was the chairman of the Stoneheart Investment Group and the primary human ally of The Master who financed the buying of Occido Lumen and supported diabolical ideas of exterminating the human existence. 
Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel)
Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde)

There was no silver lining... 

The uninfected locals moved further away in the hope of starting a new life free from any harmful civilisation. The desertion was protected by a number of authorities who stood to fight the increasing presence of Strigoi. Sadly, a few of them got infected and decided to terminate their own lives. 

When the hope of exterminating the Strigoi was getting more difficult and up the creek. Dr Eph and Dutch were able to finish their prototype device which hampered the physical abilities and morbid mental state of the vampires.

The prototype device had proven its main functionality in slowing down the Strigoi. Which is why, it was used in the strategy for placing The Master into the coffin lined with silver. The group operated with the help of a rare dhampir hybrid, Quintus "Quinlan" Sertorius (Ruper Penry-Jones) who had powers to match The Master. They also had the medieval manuscript that held the secrets of how to kill the Master, the Occido Lumen.
Quintus "Quinlan" Sertorius (Ruper Penry-Jones)
 The Occido Lumen

The plan was ultimately successful and everyone was in a bliss. As a result, the closest and reliable right hand cronies of The Master were in pandemonium as there was no more monstrous voice that instructed them. However, the capturing of The Master was only short lived as the sullen Zach (Max Charles) carried out the activation button of the nuclear weapon. 

There was a massive explosion and vast destruction in the city which led to the freeing of The Master, Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde), once again!

Saturday, 28 October 2017


(Photo Courtesy of Jewel Natividad Gagan's Facebook Account)

The solid and cooperative attitude of Filipinos to one another around the world has been establishing humanitarian and non-profitable organisations. In the United Kingdom, a year old charity organisation named, Casilleras Charity Organisation UK (CCOUK), which was set-up by open-handed volunteers has been an encouraging Filipino charity to date. Moreover, it is now operating as a small society after having received the approval of its license in March 2017 by the Borough of Brent Council. 

(Photo Courtesy of Casilleras Charity Organisation UK's Facebook Account)

For over a year, the Casilleras Charity Organisation UK has committed itself to strengthening community relationships in the United Kingdom and across the ocean. The main embodiment of this charity is to compensate less fortunate individuals and/or to assist vulnerable groups. Generally speaking, they have been organising Sports & Social activities which endeavour to stimulating healthy lifestyles and soothing bad habits. If you would like to know more about this charity, you may visit the link below... 

Charity begins at home and undeniably, the United Kingdom has been the second home for many Filipinos. It is a country where you have the utmost freedom to live your own desired life; to express who you truly are and to be acknowledged according to your gender preferences.

Video Courtesy of Geri Love's Facebook Account
Choreography by Rhandz Batalla Silverio

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you this year one of the charitable projects of the Casilleras Charity Organisation in collaboration with StarVision UK. A conceptualised beauty pageant for my fellow Transgender Women which aims to raise funds for the benefit of the charity's running and proposed activities. Yes, the tender-hearted candidates will not just focus in brandishing their femininity and ultimately, to bring back home the coveted crown. The main intention of their presence on stage for MISS QUEEN PACIFIC 2017 is in conjunction to the charity's activeness and awareness in funding more stimulating healthy lifestyles and challenging bad habits with the aim of ending them.

(Photo Courtesy of Miss Queen Pacific 2017's Facebook Account)
This beauty pageant for a cause by the Casilleras Charity Organisation UK has been divided into two separate events for affordable admission ticket prices... 
The OPENING PART of the beauty pageant is on the 19th of November from 18:00 to 23:00 in which the candidates will manifest their emblazon and impressive TALENTS in front of their family and supporters. It will be held at a lounge night club, Bar FM, in West London on 84 Uxbridge Rd., Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7JP where live bands, karaoke, DJs and jam sessions have been widely promoted. 

The CONCLUDING PART is on the 02nd of December from 18:00 to 23:00. This is when you'll see more of the candidates shapeliness, elegance and composure of mind on stage. It is the CORONATION NIGHT which will highlight the assuage runners-up and the triumphant winner at Baden Powell House on Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 5JS. 

If you would like to have a “gentle touch” of the admission tickets of MISS QUEEN PACIFIC 2017 and also leave a “tight grip” as a charitable person, you may contact (by clicking on) the following names below...

Thursday, 26 October 2017



In the 1920's, women dressed-up according to the type of events and the time of the day. The most significant of all the dresses was the naturally drop waist slip-on dresses worn by the Gangster and Flapper Girls, with hem lengths never going above-the-knee. It was either smartened-up with bright or neutral fabric materials and always accentuated in glittery sequins and/or jive frills. Famously in those days, loose dresses exemplified a sophisticated beauty and femininity despite its unconstrained designs when worn. 

Gentlemen and ladies alike, may I present to you the impersonation of the Roaring 20's style on Miss Dayanara Mesmeize's birthday party. It was the grandiose thankful celebration of her 48th years of existence on Earth with the theme that took us back to the era of consumerism and modern life. Without further ado, her invited and confirmed guests glamorised the venue at Bournbrook And Selly Oak Social Club with THE GREAT GASTBY side-splitting features. 

As the evening approached the guests were walking graciously on the quarter-turn stair of the building, only to be stopped by the Lady in fuchsia pink dress. She asked them to stand in front of the ameliorated notice board printed on canvas for a souvenir photo shoot. After that, a fresh door awaited them leading to the main venue where they could hear the clinking of champagne glasses from the bar on the right and the tête-à-tête of the guests. Their eyes were illuminated by the Christmassy lights; beautiful palm trees and interlaced festive yellow cloths. Such was the spruceness which fully surrounded the 10 laid out big round tables covered in white cloths and encircled by wrapped chairs for her designated guests.

(Photo Courtesy of Dayanara Mesmeize's Facebook Account)
(Photo Courtesy of Dayanara Mesmeize's Facebook Account)

There were group pictures with the celebrant, taken by the Lady in fuchsia pink dress, in the lower main floor of the venue. Most of the guests many costume impersonations were statuesquely stunning and dazzling. Everyone was impressed when they looked at someone and in particular, each round table had classy stars who with dignity depicted and carried out the Gatsby Woman's characteristics. It was only interrupted when her agreeably graceful hostess, Miss Alexandra Marie Diaz, asked the guests to cease what they were doing in order to watch a welcome slideshow created by Miss Tiffany Jones. It was a sequence of digitally compiled memorable images of the celebrant which featured her golden charisma as Miss Dayanara Mesmeize and the pureness of her core self as the essential Neil Sumalangcay.
Miss Tiffany Jones
Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Jones' Facebook Account
(The Hostess, Miss Alexandra Marie Diaz)

All of the guests were in the wonderment paradise and more so, when Dayanara appeared on stage in her glamorous deep plunge halterneck gold evening gown with a gradient faux fur stole. She didn't just impress us with her beautiful Gatsby presence as she also serenaded us with the tune, “When We Were Young”. After her vocal performance and compassionate speech, a dear friend of hers (Teofilo Fernandez, Jr.) initiated and sang gaily the traditional “Happy Birthday To You” song. 

The celebrant was in rhapsodic state after the crowd's joint voices and applause. Her presence was then called off the stage and she headed off (in high heels) to the center of the room. Where a pair of arranged cakes awaited for her utmost whisper, “Make A Wish”, and the blowing out of 2 types of candles. I have to say that the phallus like candle made her react ecstatically and not just the impish ladies. Am I right my dear women of the crowd especially the present October celebrants?  
(The October Celebrants)

The celebrant's heart brimming in self-effacing and unselfish demeanour wasn't just all about holding her own grandiose party. It has always been an occasion with a purpose in which she worked hard to gather in one place the special people, with the same virtues and different idiosyncrasies, she encountered in life. Benevolently speaking, her birthday party's main purpose for 9 years to date has been a blessing to the Asilo De Molo Home For The Aged and to her indigent neighbourhood in Iloilo, Philippines. 

It was almost 21:00 when our tummies were calling and rumbling for the appetising buffet style feast. The scrumptious food choices were prepared and served warmly by the family of Benedict Yap Torres' VIP Catering that certainly replenished the spirit and vigour of the guests. 
(The VIP Catering Benedict Yap Torres and Family)

The night's excitement of the Great Gatsby birthday celebration was resumed by a few intermission numbers on and off the stage... 

The spotless and playful lip sync panoplies of the drag queen, Ebony B Krugger, bestirred us all. She performed on stage with superb lip portrayal of the posthumous greatest hits album, “I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston”, by the late American recording artist, Whitney Houston. Wait a minute, there was also a sudden twist when she opened her cape and started frisking off stage in the tune of “Queen of the Night”. I thought that would be the concluding part of her performance but it was only the starter. In addition to this, there was a submissive scene in which she “smashed” playfully one of the Q.E. Doctors. 

There was the harmonising singing performance of the duo sisters, Millicent Jane Erika and Julia Rogers, who sang in their own smoky singsong voices. The boobtube mermaid cut gown of Millicent Jane Erika made her regal that night and while Julia Roberts' glittery sequinned dress defined her sexiness. The sisters' dresses were coordinated in gold colours and their silky locks scintillated the crowd.

We were also grooved by the presence of the Lady Wednesbury, Baga Chipz Mbe, during her honeyed and silvery singing performances on stage. She moved our feet and body to music boomingly and most of us dauntlessly showed-off on the dance floor the frill movements of our dresses. 
The Lady Wednesbury, Baga Chipz Mbe (Left)
Photo Courtesy of Venus Petra Mountney's Facebook Accout

The grandiose physical transformation of Miss Dayanara Mesmeize for 3 years to date were metamorphosed gorgeously under the hands of her chic make-up artist, Miss KC Cueto, and seductive hairstylist, Miss Yurie Mylyn Sy. The ostentatious alteration of the venue with the sound/light system effects was assisted wholeheartedly by her loving partner, Mark, with the unreserved cooperation from DJ Arnold Magno, Mr. Efren Abrina and Mrs. Lyn Abrina. More importantly, the impish cake which made Dayanara smile zestfuly on her 48th birthday party last Saturday was baked by a chef, Roni Smith.
(The Chic Make-Up Artist, Miss KC Cueto)
(The Seductive Hairstylist, Miss Yurie Mylyn Sy)
(Miss Dayanara Mesmeize's Loving Partner, Mark)

The evening of the Great Gatsby was colourfully festive when the selected guests for The Best Great Gatsby Dress were all called up to gather on stage. These were the women who strongly portrayed the trimmed features of the 1920's Gangster and Flapper Girls' outfits. However, there was only one who stood out from the rest and The Best Great Gatsby Dress recipient who received a cash prize of £100.00 was The Lady in Champagne Pink Feather Fascinator... 
The Best Great Gatsby Dress, Molly Malone
Photo Courtesy of Molly Malone's Facebook Account

That was a tough crux unanimously voted by the judges. Per contra, the evening was toughened more when the erotically gratifying beefcake stripper, Fabio, thrilled most women with his raunchy movements. How would we ever forget him on and off the stage when he thrust erotically in particular with his “johnson”; that gave us a water-logged response. The meaty turbulence from Fabio consummated when he splashed a creamy aqueous solution into the obstreperous crowd. Excuse my profanity!
(Video Courtesy of Miss KC Cueto and Mr. Jordan)

The ultimate segment of the party was enlivened more by a list of 1920's Great Gatsby dance music. All I could say is, no one seemed dead on their feet as the jovial guests who were on the centre of the floor had been dancing vigorously until the wee hours of the next morning.  

Modestly speaking, when you have been humble, pleasant and genuine to people you must believe strongly in yourself that you will reap what you sow at the end of the day. Comparatively speaking, this is how Miss Dayanara Mesmeize has been living her life to the fullest and ever since she went through a successful triple heart bypass. I am sure that all of those present had a wonderful time and owe a debt of gratitude to the warm-hearted Miss Dayanara Mesmeize.