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Wednesday, 18 October 2017


From Left to Right
Alternative Miss London 2017, Miss Pola Benfetima
Alternative Miss London 2016, Miss Geri Love
Photo Courtesy of Miss Geri Love's Facebook Account

Historically speaking, the titles Miss, Ms. and Mrs. were addresses only used by biological women to indicate their civil status in life. At present, society's tenets and behaviours (as a whole) toward non-biological women have changed and have been changing progressively, too. In the United Kingdom, the male honorific titles of transgender women can now be interchanged to more appropriate esteem titles which are legally acknowledged by the government and its institutions. What a freedom and we must not forget to give THANKS to the First Gay Rights Liberation Front's Heyday Leaders and Members as well as the Legislation Key Concepts of Equality Act of 2010! 

Over the years, the exuding brilliance of the LGBTQI+ community especially the letter “T” for transgender women is no longer hidden behind the scenes. Which is why, various conceptualised beauty pageants all over the world are now making full sounding noises in uplifting the ingenuity, cleverness and intelligence of my dear fellow transgender women. 

Recently, an assiduously 25th year anniversary of a catwalk contest that was conceptualised by Miss Vicky Lee and her friend was held in London, England. It was an on stage show-off competition of 8 stunning candidates who stupefied their undying supporters and lusciously tempted their admirers. You might be asking yourself intriguingly, by what degree of means or methods?
 (1. Miss Kam Angel and 2. Miss Akiko Mae Obillo)

 (3. Miss Alicia Finess and 4. Miss Pola Benfetima)
(5. Miss Kiara Da Cruz and 6. Gina)
(Right Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)
(7. Miss Adelina Bonita and 8. Miss Sophia Mae)
(Candidates' Photos Courtesy of Alternative Miss London - WayOut Club's Facebook Account) 

Last Saturday's catwalk contest of The WayOut Club at THE MINORIES was vignetted by the candidates creativity, seductiveness and elegance. There was artistry in their Crafted Outfits in which a couple were wearing delicate, substantial and efficacious imported humanoid ensembles. Shall I say, the word meagre was despotically nullified by their elaborate designers.
(Candidates' Above Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)
(No.7 Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)
(Candidates' Photos Courtesy of Gareth Davies' Facebook Account) 

There was also scintillating heat emanating from the embellishments and seductiveness flaunted by the candidates during the Sexy Outfit round. Can you imagine the turbulence in the crowd when they revealed their feminine figures and smooth limbs? Who knows, there was a mesmerising chaos especially as most candidates strutted on stage like lingerie models and a few with a dramatic striking entrance.
(No.5 Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)
(Candidates' Photos Courtesy of Gareth Davies' Facebook Account) 

The evening was beaconed mostly by the beguiling presence of the candidates. However, it was also teemed by courageous men who have been, with the encouragement of their families, embracing their true sexual identities. The WayOut Club in itself is not just an establishment to meet loving admirers and compatible people. For over the years, it has been also an anchorage home for those struggling with extreme fear in expressing themselves. In such a manner, we must highly acknowledge and recognise the unceasing succour presence of our dear Miss Vicky Lee and her toil supportive company. 
From Left to Right
 Miss Geyzhel Sparkes, Miss Vicky Lee and Miss Alex Ceciliato
Photo Courtesy of  Miss Alex Ceciliato's Facebook Account

The night of Miss Alternative London 2017 was concluded by the candidates' classy floor-length and flashy Gowns. Most of them donned in prêt-à-porter bodyhugging dresses with unique trimmed details and a few wore befittingly made to measure sexy neckline gowns. Moreover, there was a surprised bridal show exhibited by one of the candidates who threw over to the crowd a bouquet of lilies. 

(Left Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)
(Left Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)

(Left to Right Photos Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account)
(Candidates' Photos Courtesy of Gareth Davies' Facebook Account)

They were all looking ornately glamorous and sophisticated as they gathered and emerged as one on stage. There were intermission appreciation reminders specified by the hostess, Miss Alexandra Marie Diaz, and Miss Vicky Lee herself before the announcement of Miss Congeniality recipient. The deserving and most amiable of all the candidates was...
Miss Congeniality, Miss Kam Angel 
Photo Courtesy of Ricky Dixon's Facebook Account
The final tabulation was signed by the members of the jury and sealed in an envelope before it was handed over to the hostess. The 8 candidates were unsurprisingly excited and became more twitchy on stage while waiting for who will be the announced furbelow humble 1st runner-up and the euphoric title holder of Miss Alternative London 2017.  
From Left to Right 
1st Runner-up, Miss Sophia Mae
 Miss Alternative London 2017, Miss Pola Benfetima 
Photo Courtesy of Gareth Davies' Facebook Account

Monday, 9 October 2017


Every time I thought of the command word “FIRE!”, the fictional Royal Navy officer named Horatio Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd) consistently slipped into my mind. The main protagonist midshipman and his screeching command word always made me laugh gleefully as well as reminded me of his stature competence on the gun deck of the Royal Navy warship. Brazenly, I had a flame of infatuation towards him!

The Royal Navy officer, Horatio Hornblower, was from a middle class family and in particular, the son of a doctor. A young man who had a fairly good upbringing and received classical education to which he was well-versed in Greek, French and Latin languages. Despite his family background and educational achievements, Hornblower was still a man of emptiness who occupied himself with woes and fears in life rather than showing off his extraordinary skills and intelligence. That is why, he was encouraged by his uncle to overcome his self-doubts by spending time amongst the swarthy sea-faring folk at the local docks. Succeedingly, the influence of his uncle yielded the love for the sea in him to which at the age of seventeen he joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman. 

He was lifted up by a man-powered mount swing pulley before he finally boarded the HMS Renown... 

Horatio's love for the sea and the camaraderie he had with the greasy sea-faring folk didn't neutralise him from motion seasickness. Most of us will feel the same as he did when boarding a shaky running ship. However, this familiar nauseating weakness he experienced on the first day taunted him throughout his career. What an embarrassment that both his fellow Royal Navy officers and the sailors used it as a secret pastime topic in belittling his personality. On the other hand, his sense of duty and commitments as a young professional officer weighed more than any discomfiting impressions. Which is why, he began winning back the obedience of the sailors by adapting some of their challenging responsibilities on board. In particular, by climbing-up the quivering foremaft in order to reach and manipulate the clewlines and buntlines for sailing. He also gained their evasive trust when he philosophically opposed his Captain's sentence of painful flogging for his personal steward, Bunting. Aside from the naval enlistee, he also befriended most of the experienced and senior officers who appreciated his courage, decisiveness and rational mind.
(Video Courtesy of huberk21 YouTube's Account)

His journey on the HMS Renown in the immeasurable sea was strengthened... 

Throughout the days and nights of hardship and perseverance, he won the trust of many especially the heart and mind of his resolute Captain, Sir Edward Pellew. Subsequently, Horatio was then given command to take over the prize frigate, Le Rêve with her French prisoners and manoeuvrer her into Gibraltar. However, as she had a cannonball hole below the waterline she was eventually stuck. He hastily patched the hole in and out of the ship but it was already breaking apart. As a result, he commanded all hands to abandon the rice cargo ship and sailed in an open boat. Did they find their way or was there a twist of navigation? 

Their manual navigation in an open boat conspicuously reached the attention of officers and sailors of the HMS Renown. Alas, they were saved from dehydration and starvation. It was such a relief for his sailors and the French prisoners but a failed duty for Hornblower. However, the feeling of distress and abashment in him as an acting Lieutenant of Le Rêve was assuaged with sailors and officers' welcoming applause. He didn't waste a minute while back on HMS Renown and stately reported in detail to the Captain the main cause of the evacuation. Inevitably, the Captain was indignant towards him as it was the only source of relief goods that would feed sufficiently all of them on board.  

The food rationing was cut in half and most of the sailors were very disgruntled about it. Some of them planned to break into the food supply quarters despite the rational explanation of scarcity on board and the need to share. Days after, a plan was hatched to replenish the shortage of food. Hornblower and his sailors headed ashore to the seaport city, Oran, and bought sacks of rice grains & cattle in exchange for a trunk of gold coins. Have they successfully fed the fleet or was there an impediment first?

The deprivation of food supply was resolved by Horatio's clever actions and the help of his supportive sailors. His cunningness in taking good care of the food relief and his sense of duty as an elevated officer were acknowledged notably by the Captain himself. As a reward, his application for the rank of Lieutenant was forwarded with high endorsement to Santa Barbara. It's the location of his oral examination headed by Captain Foster of HMS Dreadnaught along with Captain Hammond of HMS Calypso and Captain Harvey of the Gibraltar dockyard.

 (Video Courtesy of funnyflyingdutchgirl YouTube's Account)

The Royal Navy Midshipman Horatio Hornblower was the last interviewed applicant and to acquire a “pass” mark for the position of Lieutenant was very tough. Given his gained challenges in the sea and experiences throughout the encountered battles, was he given a “PASS” evaluation?

Sunday, 1 October 2017


Collage Photos Courtesy of Alternative Miss London - WayOut Club's  Facebook Account
The  Last Year's Candidates in their Fantasy Creative Wear

In today's society, the lifestyles and ways of living of the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex) community have been changed progressively. It is no longer a criminal offense to reveal your true identity, to express affection to someone and more importantly, to show the unconditional love to our partners in public. Chronologically, the challenging dogma for conformity and the 'right and appropriate' behaviour in 1960's for gay men were questioned and contested wilfully by the First Gay Rights Liberation Front. Consequently in the late 1970's, the worrying and forbidden gay people who had enough of conforming to the society's social standards were all set expressively free in their true sexual identities.

Generally speaking, the freedom of expression in a form of newspapers created by the intellectual and educated gays in the U.K paved the way for the abolition of indefinite “preventive detention” sentences. These indefinite sentences were very alarming punishments for those considered homosexual and/or have had 'dangerous' sexual engagements. That is why, they had clandestine places to meet up that only allowed exclusive members to have access to for security reasons. Nowadays, establishments of all kinds are open for the price of a ticket. These businesses, intended for the LGBTQI+ community, are now legally recognise by the public sector and also operate as heterogeneous gathering places.  

This month of October, The WayOut Club at THE MINORIES on 64–73 Minories, London, EC3N 1JL will hold anew its Alternative Miss London 2017 catwalk contest. It is the 25th year catwalk contest which continuously aims to celebrate and uplift the transgender intelligence, beauty and creativity. The inspirational mother and the woman behind this oldest Trans Club is Miss Vicky Lee, who since in 1993 has been been the greatest pillar in the acknowledgement of “Transpeople” and bringing greater awareness about Transgender people to the wider LGBTQI+ community. As a result of her perseverance over the years, Transgender people can nowadays meet people of similar sensibilities and have fun, too. Historically, way back in 1993 together with Vicky's friend (Steffan Whitfield) the Alternative Miss London catwalk contest was conceptualised, created, organised and has been sustained up to now. HAIL TO YOU, Miss Vicky Lee and to Steffan Whitfield! 

On the 14th of October this year from 21:00 until the wee hours of the next morning, you will be mesmerised by the mystery contestants' visionary CREATIVE OUFIT; provocatively foxy SEXY OUTFIT and looking like a million GLAMOROUS OUTFIT on stage. The anticipating question is, who will become the furbelow humble runners-up and euphoric top dog successor of last years' Alternative Miss London, Miss Geri Love? If you would like to be transported back to last year's competition, just click the picture of Miss Geri Love! 

The upcoming Alternative Miss London is a Saturday gala with no dress code and upfront admission prices vary according to time. You may visit (click), ALTERNATIVE MISS LONDON 2017, to see if you qualify for a discount fee before 23:00.  

Geographically speaking, The WayOut Club at THE MINORIES on 64–73 Minories, London, EC3N 1JL is next to Tower Hill Tube Station and Gateway DLR (Docklands Light Railway). As an alternative, here is a guide map link for more information about tube stations, car parking etc.  

If you have great admirations for the Transpeople and would like to join in the friendly crowd, be highly advised that The WayOut Club is NOT A SEX CLUB!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


(Miss Alessandra Mae, Miss Mango Tree Out of this World 2017)
I missed the nearest bus stop because of the pending roadworks which caused me to walk my way back to the Mango Tree Restaurant on Grosvenor Pl, Belgravia. 

What I saw as I approached the restaurant was its spirited guests who were either enjoying the vapour substance of cigarettes or just posing for memorabilia snaps behind the Mango Tree's six-foot notice board printed on canvas. Moreover, the area was protected from any harm that may come by their courteous and light-hearted security personnel. 

I was on time and the pageant hadn't started yet. As a matter of fact, I could count the heads of early birds from the ingress of the venue. Prior to joining in the present crowd who were enjoying drinks in their hands, I had my wrist stamped with a "pass" mark by a team of receptionists. That was when I finally met in person Yonlada who had kindly responded to my calls before and forwarded my open letter in the form of an e-mail to the organiser, Sine Kliangsin. I was also able to approach and thank Sine in person who was at that time engaged in conversation with the 2 members of the jury. 
The black elevated platform (stage) was laid solidly and the background was ameliorated minimally with theatre inspired smaggle panel and tie back curtains. Apart from that, the VIP area (on the left side of the stage) wasn't just full with special guests and celebrities as it was also a designated area for the lights and sound system stand. It had an elbow-to-elbow feel particularly when the employees started to fence and secure a passage out for the candidates after appearing on stage. In my opinion, the lights and sound system booth should have been placed on the right side of the stage to yield more ample space for their VIP guests. However, it was easy for me to make this assessment from the vantage point of VIP area and to make an impartial observation. Change is constant and can only be carried-out visibly by someone sturdy and optimistic in life- like the organiser and her cordial team. As the old quote says, “There is no harm in trying..”, and in by doing so, you will be more likely to alter what has become familiar in the eyes of people. As a result, you will either have a splendid outcome after your efforts or you will gain lessons to be learnt. 

The organiser, Sine Kliangsin, didn't just show perseverance and robustness in making the beauty pageant an anticipated celebration this year. She can also be described as a concerned humble woman who rendered great care for the candidates on stage, especially when the atmosphere was getting muggier and oppressively stifling. It was indeed a true act of humility despite her stature position at the Mango Tree Thai Classic Restaurant. Pat on the back to you Sine and your energetic team! 

The venue was getting crowded by the jovial presence of the audience who couldn't wait for the show to commence. Such as, the eagled eye admirers who couldn't wait to see more of the candidates; the supportive women who showed encouragement for the LGBTQI+ community and the loving family/friends who audibly shouting the candidate names.

The headlights were on and the leading spotlight was single-handedly focused on stage by a London-based radio Magic Station presenter, Angie Greaves. Her introductory voice acknowledged the presence of the celebrity guests as well as the prominent people in the crowd. Apart from them, the outstanding members of the jury were cited one by one. Amongst them were, the All Time Sexy Queen, Lizzy Cundy; the former big brother housemate, Kathreya “Kat” Kasisopa; a very familiar SHOWBIZ face, Simon Gross and the previous Miss Mango Tree contestant with an excellent entrepreneurial profile, Amber Vee. 
(Angie Greaves)
(The Jury from left to right: Lizzy Cundy, Kathreya “Kat” Kasisopa, Simon Gross and Amber Vee)

The audience was getting more fidgety and ruckus which is why, the duo carnival-inspired dancers assuaged the air. Their elaborately yellow & red feather costumes as well as the lush headdresses were made more seductive because of the wiggly movements of their voluptuous bodies. All I can say is, “it's all about the hips, the boobeys, the cheeks and the eyes (LOL!)”. 
(Miss Nicole Lee and Miss Amy Franke)

After that frisky intermission dance, the individual self- presentation of the candidates kicked-off. They flamboyantly flounced their OUT OF THIS WORLD ensembles with great pride and refinement. Most of them wore extravagant costumes with functioning accessories which were embellished meticulously by hands. In particular, the laser cut design costume with floor-length braided headdress; the spectacular futuristic astronaut corset costume with extended solid wings; the illuminated costume with self-regulating silver wings and a hand torch; the enslaving angel in disguise; the daringly sexy she-version of Thor and the risqué metallic blue haired pixie with miniature crystal balls. 
 (1. Miss Agatha Mae De Gula and 2. Miss Neha Jasmin)

 (3. Miss Geri Love and 4. Miss Korakot Chansiri)

 (5. Miss Sophia and 7. Miss Areeyan Sutani)

 (8. Miss Nina Nichole Williams and 9. Miss Saskhia Marie)

 (10. Miss Iwa Moto and 11. Miss Alessandra Mae)

 (12. Miss Leah Anne Kubuyashi and 13. Miss Peach Pongpusut)

 (14. Miss Jennifer Chai)

Their individual ostentatious display of their costumes astonished everyone of us! They were all called back to gather on stage as one and after their hand-clasping appearance, a dance intermission number performed by a pair of topless hunks awakened most of us. 
The candidates then changed to something less delicate and heavy. It was time to flaunt their innate sexiness and enhanced figure; wearing their preferred SWIMSUIT with dramatic revelations. They appeared one by one on stage with the complimentary singing performance from Miss Nicole Lee like the theme of the annual fashion show of Victoria's Secret. 

It was indeed the steamy and stimulating part of the pageant because of the candidates' long slender legs; pop bubble butts; flat stomachs and nicely defined feminine breasts. They headed back to their dressing room and the stage was entertained by a raffle draw based on the numbers printed in the admission tickets. Thenceforward, it was succeeded by the candidates elegant appearance on stage by wearing their flowy LONG GOWNS. In other words, there was classiness in bearing; vibrancy in colours and exquisiteness in designs. 

That was the penultimate round of the pageant which was appreciated by the audience. Once again, they were all called back and gathered like a rainbow on stage only to award the deserving candidates for the 2 minor titles: 
(The Best in Costume, Miss Alessandra Mae)
(The Best Body, Miss Areeyan Sutani)

Last Sunday, there were 13 wilful candidates who brandish themselves on stage but only 5 were chosen to continue during the jittery Question & Answer portion. The English fashion consultant, author and television presenter, Gok Wan, graced the stage with his presence and without further ado, here are the videos of the chosen finalists. My apology for the babble noise in the background. 
(From Left to Right: Miss Alessandra Mae, Miss Areeyan Sutani, Miss Iwa Moto, Miss Geri Love and Miss Peach Pongpusut)
(Question: How do you find beautiful and how do your represent it?)

(Question: How can you be an inspiration to this pageant?)

(Question:If you are to promote tourism in a country, which country would it be and why?)

(Question: What you will gain by entering this pageant?)

(Question: What is your unique quality in this competition?) 

What do you think of their answers? Or shall I say, who was In This World and Out Of This World? The top 5 finalist headed back to their dressing room for the final touch up and the audience was then diverted with the appearance of Miss Mango Tree Circus 2016, Miss Amy Franke, in her twirling traditional dance. 

The understandably nervous finalists were called back to gather and face again the high spirited crowd as well as the impartial jury. The members of the jury unanimously decided who will bring home the coveted crown and title. This year's runners-up and the winner of Miss Mango Tree Out Of This World 2017 are:
From Left to Right
4th Runner-up, Miss Iwa Moto 
2nd Runner-up, Miss Peach Pongpusut 
Miss Mango Tree Out Of This World 2017, Miss Alessandra Mae  
1st Runner-up, Miss Areeyan Sutani  
3rd Runner-up, Miss Geri Love

Losing in a battle can lead to an emotional despair but bear in mind that there is no success without a failure. Keep a positive mind and disposition in life in order for you not to give up. So, pick yourself up and recreate yourself as life must go on.

If you would like to see more photos, just click on link below...